Israel Shamir Discusses “Gru”

.     Here comes a link to a recent article by Israel Shamir, entitled “A Russian Trump?”

.     By way of introduction, Israel Shamir is about seventy years old; he was born a Jew in the Soviet Union; apparently had a fairly well-developed “revolutionary” consciousness; emigrated to Israel many years ago;  was disillusioned by what he saw and experienced;  became antagonistic to Zionism, at least in the form that he saw it in Israel;  developed a compassion for the Palestinian people that he met in Israel; and eventually converted to Christianity in the form of Russian Orthodoxy.  He travels widely and, if I recall correctly, has many connections in Finland.

.     I have followed his journey, and his writings, for several years. I will state here that there are serious matters in which he and I might disagree; but I read his writings with much interest and considerable sympathy.

.     He brings information, and a perspective, that are largely unknown in the West — or at least to me.  If you read the link, prepare to be somewhat puzzled by this very complex man.

.     The subject of his article is Paul Grudinin, a populist-styled politician in Putin’s Russia.  At this point in time, I know nothing of “Gru” (his nickname) other than what Israel Shamir says about him.

.     As always, your comments (and your own research) are most welcome.

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