Paul Rosenberg: Thomas Jefferson and Failure

Paul Rosenberg has written several essays which have to do with the failure of the Founding Fathers. I urge anyone who is interested in the history, current affairs, or future of the United States to read them.

I hope to write something on this subject myself, and I am interested in any comments anyone might have.

1. Jefferson and Failure

2. Jefferson Final Warnings

3. The Good Guys Are Not Coming To Save Us

Bill Moyers and Mike Lofgren on the Deep State

At Counterpunch, Robert Hunziker reports a recent conversation between Bill Moyers and Mike Lofgren on America’s so-called “Deep State,” an unaccountable combination between American government and corporations.

This won’t be new to a lot of people, of course; but the information here substantiates, or illuminates, some things that people have wondered about.

Who Are The Oak Ridge Three?

Ralph Hutchinson’s recent article in Counterpunch begins with this paragraph:,

“We’ve heard it from the bench in Oak Ridge city courtrooms and from state judges in Clinton, Tennessee. And on February 18 we heard it from a federal judge—there are two variations. The first: There are plenty of ways for you to protest and deliver your message without breaking the law. The second: If you people would just put this time and energy into working for the change you want in the political system, you might get the change you seek.

“Both sentiments are either disingenuous or naïve.”

He goes on to explain why he says this, and I think he is right. And what he is talking about is important to any of us who think that we might be able to make any sort of political difference.


Civil Prejudice Then And Now

Thirty some years ago, when I was living in an apartment building in California, I struck up an acquaintance with the Japanese-American man who took care of the grounds. Standing in the sunshine on the lawn and drinking glasses of lemonade, we talked about his experiences as a young man in one of the Japanese-American internment camps that were set up in the American southwest. He was probably late teens at that time in the early 1940s. He had a clear memory of it; to his credit, he waw not bitter about it; but in the late 1970s, white California was pretty much oblivious to their (in my view, immature, misinformed and ugly) past.

The article below compares the treatment of the Japanese then with the treatment of Muslims now.

Something to consider.

The Drone Wars: Death By Unreliable Metadata

“The drone program,” they say, “amounts to little more than death by unreliable metadata.”

Jeremy Scahill and Glenn Greenwald have written about the “drone program,” and the signals-intelligence basis on which it targets individuals, usually for lethal attack from the air.

In this link, they explain their specific objections:

It strikes me that any method, or system, which seeks to either
… (a) punish political crime; or
… (b) prevent evil things from happening; or merely
… (c) send the “bad guys” a message

but, in execution,
… (d) usually cannot positively identify the location of the target person; and
… (e) even if it can do so, cannot discriminate the target from innocent people who are around him or her

is not going to be very good in establishing, or maintaining, or restoring, or preserving any system of “moral law” or “natural order” that I want to be associated with.

Of course, I have even deeper objections. I would object to “justice-by-star-chamber” even if it always succeeded in eliminating only the “bad guy.”

Does that just make me “not a Jack Bauer” kind of guy?

Your opinions, of course, may be quite different. Or very similar.