Pope Francis speaks of problems at the Vatican


Sounds like the pope has identified some of the real problems. And they are problems that could plague any bureaucracy, religious or otherwise.

This might, then, be somewhat applicable to Protestant organizations, political parties, even (gasp!) governments.

Be Careful What You Tell A Doctor

One may almost make the equivalence that “government”-anything is “not-natural”-anything. Government law is not natural law. Government logic is not natural logic. Government science is not natural science. And so forth. One could also suggest the general equivalence of “not-natural” to “not-good.”

We now turn our attention to government medicine. Whether it is Obamacare, Romneycare, Veterans-Administration-care, or “public health,” consider the following:


Be careful what you tell “your” doctor, because the truth will be held against you. By the government, and by corporate actors, such as insurance companies, hospitals, and HR personnel, who act as their minions and agents.

The doctors and health-care personnel that I know personally aren’t saying anything about this, and they certainly aren’t warning anyone about this. I conclude that they have already pretty much sold out their medical ethics to their masters. Just my opinion.