On Darrell Castle and Gary Johnson

Darrell Castle, the presidential candidate of the Constitution Party, and Gary Johnson, the presidential candidate of the Libertarian Party, have a lot in common. Such as the following:

— 1. Both of them believe in the central importance of personal political liberty.

— 2. Both of them dislike the Establishment 2-Party System.,

— 3. Neither of them expects to win an election for president, at least not this year.  Probably neither of them even expects to win a single electoral vote.

Since neither of them expects to win anything, it can be reasonably asked, “Then why in the world are they running?”

My answer would be, “Each man is carrying the banner for a traditional political philosophy that crosses the boundaries of countries and centuries.” They are champions of political philosophies that are important in themselves, even if they seem marginal to many voters.  Each of the candidates embodies a point of view shared by many other intelligent, articulate people.  Each is, in my view, worthy of respect.

So much for generalities; now to specifics.  Here are links to  the current party platforms, brief descriptions of the parties, and biographies of their candidates.

Libertarian Party Platform      Libertarian Party     candidate Gary Johnson

The Constitution Party Platform   Constitution Party   candidate Darrell Castle

I have friends and acquaintances in both parties, and have attended their rallies and conventions, and have voted for their party candidates, local and national, in elections past.  I’ll be looking forward to seeing both of you guys, and your parties, on Tuesday’s ballot.


One comment on “On Darrell Castle and Gary Johnson

  1. Ben Carmack says:

    Mr. Castle is not on the ballot in KY but you can write him in. Johnson is on the ballot.

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