Cannabis, Cancer, and the Medical-Consumer-Pharmaceutical Complex


.     Many biologists, doctors, and other scientists have researched diseases and treatments by themselves — that is, they worked and studied on their own, without being hired by funded (and therefore “approved”) drug companies, foundations, and government agencies.

.     And many of them have seen the results of their researches — their ideas and discoveries — ignored, ridiculed, unpublished, discredited, hidden, suppressed, stolen, and/or made illegal.  For the most unscientific reasons.

.     Why does this happen?  we may well ask.  The short answer (which is a very long answer) is:  “Follow the multi-billion-dollar money trail.”  We have all heard this before, probably most of us know that this is in fact very explanatory, but then we proceed to act as if we hardly believe it.  And there is a perfectly good reason for that — there are rabbit holes we just don’t want to go down, for fear we might run into some weasels.  And we will.

.     One of the things that we will find when we go hopping very far down the money trail is that the weasels are ready and willing to take all the money we are willing to give them:  our money, our insurance money, our tax money.  Your inheritance, your future, your house, and your health are turned into a few billion electrons stored somewhere in the Matrix.

.     However.

.     Here are a couple of rabbit holes to explore:

.     1.  — This links to a recent study showing a positive link to cannabis as a viable cancer treatment.

.     2. — This site focuses on cancer, not cannabis, and deals with several alternative therapies.

A perusal of these links might change (or strengthen) how you feel about the issue of “medical marijuana,” if not the entire “war on drugs.”


.     Coming back out of the rabbit holes and taking a fresh look at the weather, how do you see the winds blowing . . .

in the main stream media that you watch,

or in social media that you follow,

or in the two-party political establishment that you have a vested emotional and financial interest in, one way or another,

. . . are those winds clearly in favor of your right to inform yourself, and to access any and all modes of health care that you might choose, for the sake of your self and your family, at reasonable cost to you?

.     Or not?

.     And I ask myself:  who is not telling the whole truth, and why?


Comments welcome, pro or con.

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