Poland Found Guilty For Hosting CIA Torture


A posting by Crofton Black, at Aljazeera America, reports the opinion handed down by the European Court of Human Rights as including the following statement:

 “Poland, for all practical purposes, facilitated the whole process, created the conditions for it to happen and made no attempt to prevent it from occurring.” 

As European authorities become increasingly unwilling to shield CIA black operations — or perhaps simply unable to do so — I predict that more of the underworld-style of “intelligence” ways and means will be coming to light.  Which, in my opinion, would be a very good thing.

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British Oil Executive Murdered In Belgium



Interesting story with few details.  But I thought this part of the news story was noteworthy:

The Belgian prosecutor’s office said last night that there was a “judicial instruction” from Martine Quintin, the investigating judge, that meant they could give no “explanation” and no detail about the killing.

“This is usual in such a serious murder investigation,” a spokesman said.

Ordered to give no details . . . this is usual . . .in a serious murder investigation.  As opposed to an un-serious murder investigation, I suppose.

If the assailants are street muggers, I would think that a wide broadcast of details would be valuable in the cause of apprehending them.  If hit men, likewise.  

Unless somebody wants to be sure whose hitmen are involved.


Police State USA : NSA Spying Techniques

I have given the link below, not so much because it says anything new, but because it says it in one place.  It is a sort of one-page reference to the problem.


And a more complete understanding of the breadth and depth of the problem can be helpful to any person who is considering what the necessary work-arounds might be.  I urge you to give it some thought.

Facebook Mood Tracking

The link:


Not necessarily the most important paragraph, but one that was particularly interesting to me, is this one:

In the same way that observing the behavior of some subatomic particles changes the behavior of those particles (called the observer effect), watching the tweets and posts of targets can create an environment where people tweet less. You poison your own well by drawing from it. That happens on an individual level in terms of specific human targets but also on a larger, societal level.”

From a quantum-science perspective, the relationship between the observer and the universe he observes is an interesting one.  

To begin with.

Mark Driscoll: Perhaps An Important Lesson

Disclaimer / Disqualifier :

     I think that I have never listened to Mark Driscoll (indeed, I stopped watching and listening to “Christian” — better described as “Churchian” — media a full generation ago), so my knowledge of him is limited to what is bandied about on manosphere websites.  To be clear:  the manosphere, including in particular its Christian component, does NOT like, agree with, or support Mr. Driscoll, at all.

     With that introduction, here is this: