Americans Finally Learning About False Flag Terror Operations

I think that there are logical reasons why Americans tend not to believe that false-flag terror operations really occur.

And I think that there are logical reasons why Americans tend to believe that, even if these operations are real, they cannot possibly be done by the US government.

But they are real.

Americans Are Finally Learning About False Flag Terror

Jacob Hornberger On Foreign Interventionism

Jacob Hornberger has written this piece which is critical of America’s history of foreign interventionism.

He is critical of World War I, World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War, specifically.

I concur with his assessment; and add this comment:

These factual revelations make it difficult for me to teach history to school children that is based on the popular narrative, which is deeply untrue.

Alastair Fowler on C. S. Lewis

Alastair Fowler, a literary critic and editor, wrote an interesting piece titled “C. S. Lewis: Supervisor,” that was published in the Yale Review ten years ago, in 2003. I ran across it very recently, while at the same time re-reading Lewis’ Experiment In Criticism, which I am enjoying but finding less accessible than I remember.

Lewis was faculty advisor to Mr. Fowler for his D. Phil. work, and the Fowler article discusses Lewis’s rare literary and logical gifts (and limitations or blind spots) in a way that I think is generally unfamiliar to Lewis’s American audience.