The Rites Of Manhood: Man’s Need For Ritual

At the ‘Art of Manliness’ website, Brett McKay has begun a series of articles on the ‘rites of manhood.’  Various authors, such as Robert Bly and John Eldredge have tackled this subject in their own way.

It will be interesting to see how McKay deals with this.  It may be helpful in ‘Manosphere’ discussions.

Bill Moyers On The Dangers Of The Mercenary Class

Bill Moyers has recently expressed fear that American democracy is under an imminent threat of giving way under the pressure of the “mercenary class.”

His approach seems to me “classically liberal” (and I am not saying that that is a bad thing);  his comments on the thinking of Justice William Brennan are interesting.


A Book The Military Won’t Want You To Read

And neither will the war-worshipping American evangelical/liberal/establishment/501c3 church.

Because it doesn’t fit the Hollywood-Disney version of reality that we all know, love, and are wedded to.

Because it is not about official histories, nor is it about advancing pins across maps in the Pentagon.

Nor is it about snappy uniforms and salutes at the ‘Honor Our Christian Warriors’ services at your local megachurch.

It is about terribly wounded troops, and medical care-givers; at Bagram, and elsewhere.  (Where in hell is Bagram?)

A Book the Military Won’t Want You To Read

Chase Madar: The Over-Policing Of America

Once upon a time, most Americans could recognize secular power-groups with a desire to dominate and control.  They were often called, perhaps inaccurately, commies and nazis.

Today, more and more, I see churchians who see the police-state as their patriotic protector, in the same place and at the same time where I see encroachments and looming shadows of oncoming tyranny.

Whatever the outcome of this situation may be, Chase Madar (from the website, Tom Dispatch) has weighed in with his own views about the criminalization of everyday life in America. I think that he is not overstating the problem.


1984 Was An Instruction Manual

Peter van Buren, a whistleblower, explains how the national security state can create a “memory hole” which would cripple our understanding of each other, or of our history.

1984 Was an Instruction Manual

Matt Forney, Aaron Clarey, and “Worthless” : Comments on Choosing the Right College Major

     Matt Forney and Aaron Clarey are both popular writers in the ‘Manosphere.’  

     Aaron Clarey, aka “Captain Capitalism,” has written a book entitled, briefly, “Worthless.”  (That’s just the first-word tease; the title is much longer.)  One of Clarey’s points is that there are a lot of worthless majors — and therefore worthless college degrees — out there; and he is specific; and he also paints with a broad brush.

Matt Forney has written a very supportive review of the book.  Here is the link.

I have my own take, which is pretty agreeable to the main points that Matt Forney makes here; though I have a couple of reservations.

I am interested in your thoughts about this — good? bad? meh? etc?