The Trollery of Trump

.    ( I’ll probably get in trouble for posting this, particularly in the minds of some of my Facebook friends / acquaintances /  audience.  But that’s okay.  As I was coming up with the title of this post — which took me about ten seconds after watching a video — I thought about changing the wording to something more ordinary.  But when I saw that the word ‘Trollery’ was viewed by my spell-checker with a jaundiced eye, I went with it.  It’ll help to bring out the grammar-nazis, which will be fine. )


.     I’ve been pretty quiet about the Trump vs. NeverTrump war-hysteria, although I made my own views known shortly before The Election.  But today, when I saw this (admittedly old) you-tube video,  I had to laugh.  Again.  Which broke my silence; and I decided to post it.  So here goes — be further outraged!  Or enjoy.

.     Why did I like it — just because?

.     No.  Because:  The Left has always, everywhere lacked at least three things:  a real knowledge of human nature, a real knowledge of history, and any sense of humor.

.     Above all, they lack any sense of humor.  They are the Serious Ones.  They alone Deeply Understand What Must Be Done.  They know what must be done for (or rather, to) the Masses, or the People, or the Deplorables.   It has always been the same call:  Arise, O Ye  Agents of Change! Fight, My Comrades! Shriek, Dear Sisters!  And they’ve been doing this for years, for generations, but few have bothered to notice.

.     What I think we needed here was a court jester — or perhaps better yet, a stand-up comic — to wake people up, to contradict the Standard Left-Establishment Narrative, and to ridicule the sleepy, ignorant, silly crowd that swallows it and follows it.  They are believing nonsense and acting stupid.  One way to expose them is to troll them.  And I think the necessary Troll has arrived.  He seems to be working out well so far.

.    Oh, I know: It’s Serious.  It Always Is.  But if you can manage to do three things, I think you’ll see things better:  relax, say your prayers, and laugh again.  And if you can do that, you’ll know that you have left the Left behind, because they do none of those three things.  Seriously.

.     And it is seriously funny,  when you think about it.  Donald Trump knew what he was doing all along.  He knew, among other things, that the Troll who dares to personally Drain The Swamp is going to be up to his ass in alligators.

.     And so it is.