Pentagon Official Says Drone Kill Was Murder

Pentagon Official: The Obama Drone Kill Memo Is Out And Libertarians Were Right — It’s Murder

1. Yes, he writes under a pen name.  I wonder why.

2. Of course, the dead man and dead boy were “muslim terrorists” — the government says so.  

“Truman, I would never lie to you.”




Silence On The Left

This link is a transcript from a recent interview at The Real News Network, a site which I generally enjoy and follow fairly closely:

To make a long story short, and at the risk of slight oversimplification, the interview asks and answers this question:

Q.  Why is Tea Party successfully channelling popular discontent with the government, and why is the Left unable or unwilling to do this, since they have historically identified as being on the side of the “common man”?

A.  Because the Left is owned and controlled by Wall Street.

This is a huge subject, and literally crying out for comment, including from people who drop by this site.  Here is a tongue-in-cheek goad for you:  “Psst!! Why are you, too, acting like the “dog who didn’t bark”?  (Reference to the story of the Hound of the Baskervilles.)  Broad hint:  I’m looking for some barking, or some growling.

Evangelicalism Is Hollowing Out

Here is an interesting link, sent to me by a close friend. It is a recent essay from Frank Schaeffer.

After you have read this, and before we go any farther, permit me to observe that I, too, see that Mr. Schaeffer is over the top:  he uses sensational words like “stunning,”  implies that he just “discovered” something that is happening to “millions” of “us” right now (that others of “us” have been observing and commenting on — and even doing something constructive about — for some years now) — brags about his “loss of faith” and self-identifies as an “atheist” (but a special one, of course).

I know that Frank Schaeffer is trying to sell his book: he has done this sort of thing several times over the last thirty-some years.  He likes to be the critic: long ago of the “secular left,” and now of the”religious right.”    He likes attention. Edgy — always!  (But sometimes it looks like he is just doing verbal “selfies.”)

However, “having said that,” (as his late father, Francis Schaeffer, used to like to say), I must also say that Frank Schaeffer is pointing out an important set of facts:  many Christians are walking away from the modern American evangelical church, and many are challenging its distortions, whether theological or practical.  And I personally think that they are well-advised to do so, given the seriousness of those distortions.

So, I am not discounting the importance of the subject that Frank Schaeffer is willing to bring up, even though I think his approach is a little bit sensational, and perhaps a little bit misguided.

Have you noticed any problems like this in the churches where you live?


Police State “Unintended” Consequences?

Please read this link:

In my opinion, this is one more piece of evidence that supports the proposition that systematized police state methods are often (fatally) destructive of the (proper) American civic ideals of “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.”

No one person can be fairly blamed for this chain of “unintended” consequences. But the System, taken as a whole, can be. I am reminded of Paul Craig Roberts’ arguments in his very fine book, The Tyranny of Good Intentions.

For the most part, people — even people who express “good will” — will avert their eyes from this. Only “for the most part,” mind you: there obviously ARE people who care, which is why this particular example (one of hundreds) has been brought to light in this article.

Yes, there are people who care. How many of them are “conservative, Bible-believing Christians”?

This causes me to wonder, and to think many things.

Kim Brooks’ Story Is Not An Isolated Incident

You can find an introduction to her story at this link:

This is, in my opinion, a very serious incident.

It is made doubly significant to me because I know a woman who, twelve or more years ago, went through the same thing — except that she was also immediately hauled in for questioning and detained.

I can tell you that, by now, the local legal system has “forgotten” the whole thing, except that, of course, a pile of records and documents still exists somewhere. And could be pulled out at any time to be waved around if somebody wanted to.

I can tell you that the woman has never forgotten that terrible day. A good woman, and a fine wife and mother, had her entire belief system, regarding the government and her family and her friends, and God Himself, shaken to the core. With the passage of time, she has mostly recovered — mostly. But this incident should never have gone the way it did in the first place. At all.

I can further tell you that her natural support group — neighbors and church friends, mostly — provided inadequate or nonexistent support.

I am not claiming to have the answers. But I think that any and all people of good will would do well to consider the problem, privately or publicly as the case may be.