Russian “Meddling” — Really ?

.     “Meddling” in elections in foreign countries is something that — it is currently supposed — folks just should not do.      Well, at least, the Russians shouldn’t do it.

.     But the US government — not only the CIA, but also the State Department — has not only “meddled” (whatever that may mean) but flagrantly interfered with elections around the world, for decades, right up to the Ukraine elections in 2014.

.     And, in case you haven’t noticed, Israel routinely “meddles” in our elections, all the time.  As do the Brits, and a host of others.

.     So much for the current “outrage.”  Psychologists tell us that accusations are frequently the result of what they call “projection” on the part of the accuser — projections, that is, of the accuser’s own fears or misbehaviors or guilty conscience.  And the Lord Jesus Christ, of course, warned about getting the very big splinter out of your own eye before you begin eye-exams on others.  Certainly our Media-Establishment-Complex has plenty to “project.”  Does it not?

.     Here’s a link to a recent (copyrighted) article from the website “Bionic Mosquito” that puts some light on the subject.  It is a short, good, truthful read.

Oh No, He Didn’t Go There.

.     Comments welcome.

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