I Admire Jill Stein

Jill Stein is the Green Party candidate for President in 2016.  I don’t know as much about her qualifications and experience as I ought to, but I want to say — to myself, my future self, and anyone reading this — that there are two specific reasons for me to respect and admire Jill Stein, before whatever happens in the coming election.

First reason:  there is a lot for me to like in her Green Party’s platform, which you can read here:


As I scanned through the (many) bullet points, I found quite a few — a majority, actually — that I agreed with.  There are some that I fully agree with; there are others in which I agree with the implicit moral intent, while reserving some doubts as to whether the policy to achieve that moral intent is well crafted to achieve it; and there are a few with which I disagree as a matter of basic personal principle.  If you read the platform through, I suspect that your experience will be similar to mine, but differing on points.

The GP platform raises issues that neither the Establishment, nor its Sanders-supporting opponents, nor its Trump-supporting opponents are saying much, if anything, about.  I find this interesting.  In fact, I find this selective blindness (on the part of pretty much everybody) downright curious.  But let us move quickly on — time constraints and all that.

Second reason:  there is something about her personal instincts and courage that I admire.  But I’ll save that for a follow-up post, so stay tuned.  This one has gone long enough.

I suggest that those good folks who profess to be (or are truly) tired of this election cycle or turned-off by the two major-party candidates should check out Jill Stein.  You might find  a cause you can better believe in and a candidate you can more fully support.



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