I Admire Jill Stein (and others, too)

This is a follow on to my earlier post, in which I talked a little about the Green Party’s platform. Here is a link to that post:


In that post I promised this follow-up.  Here goes:

I admire Jill Stein for her instincts to stand with our fellow-citizens on the Dakota tribal lands who are defending their ownership of their lands, and trying to resist the encroachments of the bulldozers of the fracking corporate-ocracy, supported by the US military-police-state. This unrighteous union of wealth-greed-and-power has the sufficient support of both Democratic “liberal” and Republican “conservative” lawmakers to do what they are doing with the impunity that naturally goes with people who have gotten by with this murderous shit for generations.

( By the way, I used the word shit because it is the appropriate word to use here.  Though I admit that I don’t mind that it will piss off some of my very righteous fellow Christians who think they ought to own and regulate free speech with their own version of political-religious correctness.   If you think that your children might be reading this, and get the vapors, just hurry them back to Disney-world again where it’s all good-y and safe-y and nice-y.  And fantas-y. )

Let us remind our selves, in passing, that this attack upon the Dakota tribe comes from an administration and an Establishment political party that supposedly stands for human dignity, rights of women and children, etc. ad nauseum.  With the willing complicity of the other Establishment political party across the aisle.

But back to Jill.  I said I admire Jill Stein for her instincts, when I meant to add that I also really admire her for her courage to physically stand with a completely marginalized group of citizens.  The Dakota tribe has a right to the sanctity of their ancestral lands — should I have said “reservation”?

Of course, Jill is not acting alone.  She is part of a larger group of people.  You have company, Jill, and I know that you know that.  Just know that you will not be getting kudos from very many people.  If you have the approval of your own heart, and a few good friends, that will probably have to do.

You might get kudos from Cindy Sheehan, who challenged the Establishment-popular invasion and occupation of Iraq in 2003 when she camped outside of George W. Bush’s “compound” in Crawford, Texas.  The substance of her challenge was never adequately responded to.  The media decided that they owned the story, and when it passed its sell-by date, gladly moved on.

You’ll probably get kudos from the spirit of Rachel Corrie, who in 2003 got run over by an Establishment-Israeli bulldozer while literally standing up for the right of Palestinians to live on their own, uh, “reservation.”  Rachel was run-over twice: once by an Israeli bulldozer operator who claimed that he couldn’t see her, and the second time by an Israeli-friendly media who chose to avert their eyes.

Maybe the examples of these two brave women will help to encourage you.  They will probably keep your expectations of “success” modest, though.

Go for it, Jill, and maybe some of us will get up there to Dakota to join you soon.



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