“Two Spies Report” on Donald Trump

I here post a link to an important and insightful study of what we might call “the Trump phenomenon.”

By way of introduction and explanation, the author is Dr. Michael Bennett, known as “Doctor Future” to a large audience of radio and internet followers. He is my long-time close friend (and boon companion of road trips that have taken our mutual investigations to Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Washington DC). He is also a follower and contributor to this website and my other website, Sycamore Three.

For about four years he has been researching the issues surrounding so-called “holy wars” past and present, and is producing several books on the subject. I have had the privilege of reading the rough drafts of several of these books and I have learned much. His documentation is very thorough.

He occasionally takes time away from his book-writing to post on his website, and this is his latest. I urge you to read his post and the comments that follow — it enlarges our understanding of what is going on and what may be at stake in this election and its aftermath.


Your comments here, or at Dr. Bennett’s website, are always most welcome.


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