Hearts And Minds 40 Years Ago

Doc Future strongly encouraged me to watch this documentary, “Hearts And Minds,” which reviews the events of the Viet Nam war and the reactions of people, both Vietnamese and American, so I did.

The film was released in 1974, while the war was winding down for America, a year before the abandonment of Saigon occurred.

For anyone who is concerned about our new ISIS War, and for anyone who is un-concerned, this is a valuable body of information.


2 comments on “Hearts And Minds 40 Years Ago

  1. mustardnine says:

    I watched it, as I mentioned above.
    It is important on many levels,
    and well worth the 2 hours of my time.
    I immediately posted it here,
    (hopeful of commentary from certain friends, hint)
    and I am thinking of ways to proceed with this information,
    internalizing it and disseminating it.

    This documentary frames the Viet Nam situation very well,
    not least because it was presented in the midst of that war, rather than at the end of it, and so it is not simply a “retrospective” that can be accused of simply having “20-20 hindsight.” As such, it has tremendous instructive value for our decades-long “Global War On Terror,” which is nothing more than the same general lies repeated, for the same effects, and we can reasonably expect a similar disastrous outcome.

    Furthermore, it shows the catch-22 faced by the young males who were suborned into that situation, their betrayal by their leaders, their fathers, their mothers, their church, and their girl-friends and wives. If you think about it long enough, it becomes quite horrible.

  2. drfuture2013 says:

    Thank you for posting this where your many readers can be exposed to it. I still need to see some portions of it in the middle, but in my ideal world all high school seniors, college age kids and their parents would watch this in youth groups in churches, followed by honest discussions on how people of faith are to engage in this issue and make their own decisions, and “be their brothers’ keeper”.

    Of course, that won’t happen, because a few brief (but essential) scenes would offend the blue haired ladies in out churches, and those they have brow beaten, and thus they will rather focus on the struggles of half a century ago, in their self-serving siege mentality with movies like “God Is Not Dead”. Not that I am cynical or anything…

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