9/11 Was Foreseeable — And There Is New Momentum in Congress To Re-Investigate It

9/11 Was Foreseeable.  More than that, actually — it was not only foreseeable, it was foreseen in great detail.  Here is an enormous amount of information, all collected into one link.

9/11 Was Foreseeable

In my opinion, this provides the “chain of custody” of information that has been available, but very widely scattered, and difficult for most of us, working on our own, to bring together without spending an enormous effort to find it, and put it all together.

If you have not wanted to believe this scary truth for a long time (understandably, because you want to be sure before you step forward into this ghastly reality), I think that this may give you the information that you have needed and wanted.  Don’t be too bothered by the fact that this information is “old.”  If it was true then, it is true now.  And even if we learn things more slowly than we should, we can still learn.  

If you will check some of the links that are embedded in the original article that I have linked above, I think that you will find some things that are very important to you, in your own opinion and judgment, not mine.

But something else is important — there is also this:   Some very important people are coming forward with some very important questions and challenges.  The movement to de-classify the relevant government materials, and begin a serious re-investigation, is gaining bi-partisan momentum, from Congressmen from both parties — Walter Jones (R-North Carolina), Stephen Lynch (D-Massachusetts), Thomas Massie (R-Kentucky) and former Congressman Ron Paul (R-Texas). Each of these men deserves our respect for their enormous courage for putting their reputations and careers on the line.  You can bet that none of them will get a nod from their parties to run for higher office.

Movement to Declassify 9/11 Information Gathers Momentum

and this, at the Lew Rockwell website:




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