The Phoenix Has Landed

Here is a link that will mean most to people who can clearly remember the 60s, (I am thinking about 1967, the “summer of love”) because it is a reminder of what we were NOT being told, by all of those (including our government, our media, and, in most cases, our churches and our parents) who were NOT telling us.

The question to me is, why were they not telling us?

When you ask a “why” question, you have to be prepared for a complicated answer, of course. And this is a short post, so I will leave that as an open question.

But there is this: the generation that included my parents and grandparents, and their institutional establishment of government, media, and church, DID have direct knowledge of what war was about, and its inherent cruelties, insanities, and the targeting of the innocents. They had Korea, and World War II, in living memory.

I would be willing to argue that they could have seen — and with part of themselves DID see — the essential wickedness of the Viet Nam war from its very earliest politically-fabricated beginnings, to its ugly mid-game that was played out in the entire 60s decade. And they did not sufficiently warn or ward their children (my generation) away from it.  They mostly signed on to a military solution to the “fight against communism,” and were afraid that their sons might be draft-dodgers — in other words, cowards.

(( They also knew what police states were like:  from the huge ideological police states of Communism and Nazism, to the smaller police states of colonial governments and independent dictatorships.  And, in fact, they knew of the incubating police states being run in America’s larger cities (New York and Chicago come to mind) and the countryside (the rural “court-house gangs,” the Klans, the feuding families). ))

Well, the Phoenix has landed, my friends. New generation, new times.


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