Mark Driscoll: Perhaps An Important Lesson

Disclaimer / Disqualifier :

     I think that I have never listened to Mark Driscoll (indeed, I stopped watching and listening to “Christian” — better described as “Churchian” — media a full generation ago), so my knowledge of him is limited to what is bandied about on manosphere websites.  To be clear:  the manosphere, including in particular its Christian component, does NOT like, agree with, or support Mr. Driscoll, at all.

     With that introduction, here is this:


3 comments on “Mark Driscoll: Perhaps An Important Lesson

  1. Jon says:

    Driscoll is a sad case. His ministry was looking good at first, but he bought into himself being the head cheese somewhere along the way. I have known this for several months.

  2. Jon says:

    A great comment from the op comment section from a Mr. Grumpus:

    “First let me reveal that I’ve been attending Mars for 4-5 years now. OK:

    > He made a number of veiled and open threats against those he saw as insubordinate

    “Threats” are of course far from classy, but as for the actual firings, I’ve never had a problem with that part. There has to be a chain of authority in any organization like a church (especially in Seattle), and that means that conflicts in leadership have to be dealt with. When it gets that bad — and evidently it did — something or someone has to give . There’s no escaping it.

    > suggested that young men who won’t marry his female parishioners deserve beatings

    Yeah. I was in the house for that one myself. And I was fine with it, too, until I hit “rewind” on him extending nothing but kid-glove sympathy toward the women who fuck those guys.

    ‘Because that’s not Biblical AT ALL. The Bible is actually quite sympathetic toward and honoring of men’s sexual needs, and condemns women who jerk it around to their own benefit. That whole Modesty thing. It’s more than a suggestion.

    > and produced extremely matrifocal books on marriage. Throughout it all, he deferred only to his wife, who seemed very much to be the power behind the throne.

    I feel you on that one too. Mars Hill DOES worship women, I’m very sorry to admit. It leaves this vaguely humiliated residue in my heart somewhere.

    Like for example: Just a month or so ago was Fathers’ Day. The lead pastor asked the men to stand up, and reminded us of all the fatherless kids out there, and how messed up they’ll be. What he did NOT mention, of course, is that more than anything fatherlessness is the result of women’s shitty sexual choices. So why in the unholy dingdang didn’t he bring this up on Mothers’ Day instead?

    That sort of thing. Mars addresses male sexual sin with anger, and female sexual sin with sympathy, and for me at least it’s getting mighty old.

    So yeah. Even for a lay member like myself, it’s obvious from inside Mars that Something Is Going On. The pastors who have left — to great inconvenience to themselves and their families I might add — have been the ones I respected the MOST, and dangit-man that’s a bad sign for sure.

    All that said, I’d sure appreciate it if you could give some more footnotes to help back up your accusations against Pastor Mark’s history and character here. ‘Not so that people like me can debate you, but rather as a favor to help educate people who have skin in this game and care about this issue.”

  3. mustardnine says:

    Thanks for the links, Jon.

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