Silence On The Left

This link is a transcript from a recent interview at The Real News Network, a site which I generally enjoy and follow fairly closely:

To make a long story short, and at the risk of slight oversimplification, the interview asks and answers this question:

Q.  Why is Tea Party successfully channelling popular discontent with the government, and why is the Left unable or unwilling to do this, since they have historically identified as being on the side of the “common man”?

A.  Because the Left is owned and controlled by Wall Street.

This is a huge subject, and literally crying out for comment, including from people who drop by this site.  Here is a tongue-in-cheek goad for you:  “Psst!! Why are you, too, acting like the “dog who didn’t bark”?  (Reference to the story of the Hound of the Baskervilles.)  Broad hint:  I’m looking for some barking, or some growling.


One comment on “Silence On The Left

  1. The Kentucky Coffeetree says:

    I’m not sure the Tea Party is anything except a ragtag bunch of more or less evangelical conservative talk radio junkies.

    Wendell Berry pegged this group pretty well in his essay “The Joy of Sales Resistance,”

    “3. Reduce the Government. the government should only be big enough to annihilate any country and (if necessary) every country, to spy on its citizens and on other governments, to keep big secrets, and to see to the health and happiness of large corporations. A government thus reduced will be almost too small to notice and will require almost no taxes and spend almost no money.”

    See full essay here:

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