Kim Brooks’ Story Is Not An Isolated Incident

You can find an introduction to her story at this link:

This is, in my opinion, a very serious incident.

It is made doubly significant to me because I know a woman who, twelve or more years ago, went through the same thing — except that she was also immediately hauled in for questioning and detained.

I can tell you that, by now, the local legal system has “forgotten” the whole thing, except that, of course, a pile of records and documents still exists somewhere. And could be pulled out at any time to be waved around if somebody wanted to.

I can tell you that the woman has never forgotten that terrible day. A good woman, and a fine wife and mother, had her entire belief system, regarding the government and her family and her friends, and God Himself, shaken to the core. With the passage of time, she has mostly recovered — mostly. But this incident should never have gone the way it did in the first place. At all.

I can further tell you that her natural support group — neighbors and church friends, mostly — provided inadequate or nonexistent support.

I am not claiming to have the answers. But I think that any and all people of good will would do well to consider the problem, privately or publicly as the case may be.


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