Federal ‘Cops’ Out Of Control, Again

This just in from Texas, that old, sprawling, rambunctious state that wants to be known for its independent, ‘Lone Star’ political values:

DEA retroactively gets warrant after violent, botched raid on wrong address

The link describes a recent assault on a tobacco store, and the home of a neighbor, that sacked property rights and Constitutional protections of due process, for an action that had no moral (and very tenuous legal) justification.

Texas boys, it looks to me as if you are, to a substantial degree . . .

a) . . . Occupied Territory.  This travesty was performed under the auspices of the Federal judiciary system, from what I can glean from the article linked above. (Federal magistrate, Federal DEA.)

b) . . . deeply complicit in your own self-betrayal.  It does not appear that these rogue enforcers are all transplants from Massachusetts, New York, or other “Blue” states. Are they, or are they not, “your own”?

This is what has become of “Law,” west of the Pecos, and east of it.

“Red State,” you claim?  Gives the same, generations-old meaning to the word “Red,” doesn’t it?

My .02.


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