Plainclothes ‘cops’ out of control, again

If a group of punks breaks into your house and attacks you, how are you to know they are peace officers sent to maintain law, order, and good will in your community?

They wear no badges or uniforms.

They violate the Bill of Rights, both in spirit and in letter, a part of the Constitution which they are supposedly sworn to uphold. (Maybe they cross their fingers.)

What to do?

Take it in the throat and die quietly, apparently.

Are these men, and is their behavior, legitimate, in any sense of the word? They seem to me to be functionally indistinguishable from the street punks of the 1930s. Street punks of the 1930s — what do I mean? I’m thinking about the storm troopers in Germany, the secret police in the Soviet Union, and the cops-and-robbers scene in Chicago.

But maybe I’m missing some important difference. Help me out.


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