I Feel Sorry For This Guy


And I’ll make a couple of comments:

1. I’d say this story, with some slight variations, is not uncommon.

2. People who think that
(a) they have all the answers; or,
(b) all the answers are found in reading the Bible; or,
(c) that the answers are primarily political . . .
. . . may possibly be mistaken.

3. This story, and the many like it, have implications.


One comment on “I Feel Sorry For This Guy

  1. I think the issues of “identity” mostly
    are poppycock. We are what we have done,
    which includes our promises, includes
    our hopes, but promises first. I know
    a “fetus” is a human child.
    I loved my children from the time
    they were conceived, having loved
    their mother, who loved them
    from the time they were conceived
    and before. Who are we to say
    the world did not begin in love?

    I would like to die in love as I was born,
    and as myself of life impoverished go
    into the love all flesh begins

    -From “Some Further Words,” Wendell Berry

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