Alan Pell Crawford: Twilight Of The Right

Alan Pell Crawford has written an article that just appeared at The American Conservative‘s website.

Mr. Crawford is apparently about my age, and holds some views similar to my own about the political happenings in the U.S. in our 60-ish-year lifetimes. For the sake of some good friends who
(a) are a little younger, and who
(b) for good reasons would like to make some sense of recent history,
I recommend a read of this article, and the comments beneath it. It provides some useful, if perhaps not necessary, perspective.

Here is one take-away quote.

“I’d like to think that a movement incapable of critical self-examination is doomed, but I have been wrong before. As late as 1992, I wrote in the Washington Post that the Reagan years were a period in which conservatism “was transformed from a philosophy of cautious stewardship into an ideology that encourages individuals to pursue self interest, whatever the consequences to others.” This, again, was probably wishful thinking. I’m no longer persuaded that American conservatism as it has existed for half a century has ever been a “philosophy of cautious stewardship.” I’m not even sure, given the magnitude of this country’s challenges, that “cautious stewardship” will be good enough.”

(There are other, better quotes; find them yourself! and comment.)


2 comments on “Alan Pell Crawford: Twilight Of The Right

  1. mustardnine says:


    Here is a link to a recent article at Salon. This could be some really rough reading for conservatives who are still on the Blue Pill.

  2. drfuture says:

    Thanks for forwarding this article. It reinforces data I am getting from other directions. Your citations of important quotes from it agree with my observations. It leads me to shun any association with the “mainstream”, or any well-heeled organization, even if I were invited into it. It also leads me to anticipate backing dark horses outside Washington circles in upcoming elections, and accepting the risks of the “devil I don’t know” versus the “devil I know”. Did Minnesota survive the governorship of “outsider” Jess Ventura, contrary to the predictions of the pundits?

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