The Drone Wars: Death By Unreliable Metadata

“The drone program,” they say, “amounts to little more than death by unreliable metadata.”

Jeremy Scahill and Glenn Greenwald have written about the “drone program,” and the signals-intelligence basis on which it targets individuals, usually for lethal attack from the air.

In this link, they explain their specific objections:

It strikes me that any method, or system, which seeks to either
… (a) punish political crime; or
… (b) prevent evil things from happening; or merely
… (c) send the “bad guys” a message

but, in execution,
… (d) usually cannot positively identify the location of the target person; and
… (e) even if it can do so, cannot discriminate the target from innocent people who are around him or her

is not going to be very good in establishing, or maintaining, or restoring, or preserving any system of “moral law” or “natural order” that I want to be associated with.

Of course, I have even deeper objections. I would object to “justice-by-star-chamber” even if it always succeeded in eliminating only the “bad guy.”

Does that just make me “not a Jack Bauer” kind of guy?

Your opinions, of course, may be quite different. Or very similar.


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