US Is Meddling In Ukrainian Affairs Again


(For a second, and more thorough viewpoint read this by Israel Shamir.)

These political guys are meddling in the internal political affairs of Ukraine — again; still — and meddling for disruptive purposes only. There is no good will being expressed there, nor desire for friendly and open commercial relations, nor the benefit of the common people, not even an appeal to honor; not even of the plain, ordinary kind.

Yes, I remember the words of Donald Rumsfeld — that far-seeing man of wisdom and insight — when he observed, and so informed us, that “absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.” So with that in mind, I will modify and moderate any assertion that I might have hastily made about integrity in the US government.

Let me reframe it positively, in the form of an earnest question kindly meant:

Would someone care to bring forward any good evidence that there is any moral integrity in whatever entity or group of persons is controlling the US political establishment?

I am reminded of an older question: “Are there fifty righteous men in Sodom?” And on that question — Lord knows — Abraham wonders, and the angels are about to find out.


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