What The Hell Is Praxeology?

This is the title of a website’s homepage. Here:


I am linking to it here, because:

1. It has many links to articles about the thinking of the “Austrian School” of economics that included Ludwig von Mises, F. A. Hayek, and Murray Rothbard.

2. These gentlemen, in turn, have influenced

a. libertarians in America and around the world

b. the Lew Rockwell people who center around Auburn University

c. the Ron Paul campaigns

3. it stands in sharp contrast to

a. the old left

b. the new left

c. fascism

d. neo-conservatism

I am NOT linking to it because I think that it is something that I particularly agree with; nor that it is either “Christian” or “Judeo-Christian”– but simply, something to be investigated.

In fact, “praxeology” is a word that was coined by von Mises to describe (in as clear terms as possible) the study of “human action.”


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