Clyde Wilson: Looking For Mr. Jefferson

     My feelings about Thomas Jefferson have changed a bit through the years.  I say feelings, rather than opinions, because they began in grade school when my feelings about things were much stronger than my opinions.  In those days, for me, it was all about the Declaration of Independence and the Revolutionary War, and everybody in that glorious time was a hero, and an honored member of the Founding Generation.  I knew the standard details (what would get you an A on a history test) quite well; more than that, what was to know?

     As a later student (and then teacher) of history, I took a rather mild and bi-partisan view of the Federalist-Republican conflict, making the case (in my own mind) for either side, and, like Shakespeare’s Benvolio, “bid them bethink how nice the quarrel was.”

     As time, experience, reading, and reflection have matured for me, I have come to attach new importance to Jefferson, and his conflict with the men who made him, (and moreso, his ideas) their enemy.

     Here is an interesting post by Clyde Wilson, who is certainly disposed quite favorably to Jefferson.<


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