American Police State: The Ex-Con and the Ex-Cop

Here is a recent post from Will Grigg, contrasting the behavior of an ex-con (child rescue) and the behavior of an ex-SWAT-team member (read the story).

People are still getting locked up by the police for victimless “crimes,” while juries are still acquitting cops who kill people.

Double standard, or schizophrenia?

What a great country.


3 comments on “American Police State: The Ex-Con and the Ex-Cop

  1. Bert says:

    I can only accept this article from Lew Rockwell as an artistic sketch with very broad strokes. It is not a well reasoned piece. I probably agree with many of his sentiments. I certainly am sympathetic toward the victims of each of the tragedies he describes. But I do not arrive, via reason, at his conclusion. Should I? Should you?

  2. mustardnine says:

    Bert, I agree. Will Grigg ends his article with, “Reasonable people would be justified in believing that ex-cons are safer company than ex-cops,” and I agree that that is *not* a reasonable conclusion based on the information in the article.

    However, I think that the article is both interesting and valid as a study in contrasts — and very useful for breaking the stereotypes that can (falsely) act as guiding scripts in much of life.

    Breaking the stereotypes: The Lord using the bad Pharisee and the repentant tax-collector, the prodigal son and the elder brother, the bad Jew and the Good Samaritan, etc.

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