Can Anyone In the IT business . . .

comment on the truthfulness, falsehood, or inability-to-verify, of the following article?

Comments from NON IT people are also most welcome, of course.


One comment on “Can Anyone In the IT business . . .

  1. Bert says:

    “Reasonable expectation of privacy” is changing these days. The laws and the culture are shifting. The technologies mentioned here, or things like them, are very real. Any interaction via the internet or your phone can be intercepted, stored, and correlated with other data.

    Of course, for all the years of my life, anything I do beyond the walls of my house could be observed by others. I have considered those things to be public. Now I have brought the public into my house by using telephones and internet-connected computers.

    If I disconnect and turn off all phones and computers, and go into a room without windows, and turn on some background noise, and stand still and whisper to my wife. I can reasonably expect privacy.

    However, what “they” can do and what “they” will do depends upon “their” budgets and interests.

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