Matt Forney, Aaron Clarey, and “Worthless” : Comments on Choosing the Right College Major

     Matt Forney and Aaron Clarey are both popular writers in the ‘Manosphere.’  

     Aaron Clarey, aka “Captain Capitalism,” has written a book entitled, briefly, “Worthless.”  (That’s just the first-word tease; the title is much longer.)  One of Clarey’s points is that there are a lot of worthless majors — and therefore worthless college degrees — out there; and he is specific; and he also paints with a broad brush.

Matt Forney has written a very supportive review of the book.  Here is the link.

I have my own take, which is pretty agreeable to the main points that Matt Forney makes here; though I have a couple of reservations.

I am interested in your thoughts about this — good? bad? meh? etc?




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