C. M. Sturges: Woe To The Little Boys

Some of you know about John Taylor Gatto, the highly regarded, highly experienced, highly qualified educator who is also very outspoken about what is deeply wrong in the American educational system today. Mr. Gatto did not write the link that is referenced below, but he is quoted prominently — I think his opinions are very much worth paying attention to.

The further discussion by the writer of the post — C. M. Sturges — includes, but is not limited to, the use of Ritalin to control the behavior of school boys.

The link was recommended by Anthro, a commenter here. I urge that it be carefully read by fathers, educators, and church leaders (and anyone else). Its title, “Woe To The Little Boys,” is more truth than hype. Our young boys in America are in a very bad situation, and I for one don’t see a workable way out for many of them.



2 comments on “C. M. Sturges: Woe To The Little Boys

  1. Thank you kind sir for the linkage. That article has resonated with a lot of people since I wrote and thanks again for taking the time to post it on your site.

    • mustardnine says:

      Thank you, Mr. Sturges, for writing the original post. The Remnant continues to discover itself, as Albert Jay Nock observed.

      I have also posted this at the site, SycamoreThree.Blogspot.Com

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