Joseph Ratzinger And The End Of Modernism

     Dr. Jeffrey Mirus, formerly a professor at Christendom College, and now the president of Trinity Communications, has written an article titled, “The End of Modernism: Joseph Ratzinger’s Dialog With Love,” which you can access at this link:

     In this article, Dr. Mirus flatly proclaims that “Modernism is theologically dead.”  And about Joseph Ratzinger, he says:

     “Joseph Ratzinger was among those who most deeply perceived the real solution to the Modernist dilemma, for he recognized that the Word of God is ultimately a Person, disclosing Himself in history, speaking and awaiting a response, joining humanity to God in the Incarnation, and facilitating a pattern of Revelation and response which carries the human person through death and into eternal life.”

     Joseph Ratzinger, as you are probably aware, served the Roman Catholic Church as Benedict XVI, and is now living in retirement as Pope Emeritus.  Before his election to the papacy, he was best known as the cardinal who helped John Paul II produce the current Catechism of the church.

     As most of you know, I am not a practicing Catholic, but I have been interested in, and impressed by certain aspects of Catholic theology for a long time, and I have read (with enjoyment and a sense of enrichment) several books by the recent popes, including the currently published Catechism.

     Given the “sound bite” treatment (and “suspect celebrity” treatment) that recent popes have received in Western media, I appreciate commentary, such as this article, that treat matters at a deeper level.


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