James Altucher On Re-Inventing Yourself

I think this is an interesting link.



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4 comments on “James Altucher On Re-Inventing Yourself

  1. jadams85 says:

    Just read his list. So much for “Well, that’s just how I am,” as carte blanche for underachieving.

  2. Jadams07 says:

    I am going to try to do this list. I have had a lot of his same thoughts recently.

  3. Bert says:

    As a 61 YO fella (5% into my fourth quarter) who has had several careers for several reasons, I think James Altucher has a good enough list. I suppose. But I was never one for lists. I know it sounds corny, and maybe I should not mention it, but all I know is that New Life in Christ does not end. Seems like I should have WAY more wisdom than that by now. But that is all I got. Sorry.

    • mustardnine says:

      Same here, Bert. Learning (the hard way) not to be “anxious for tomorrow” has made list-making impractical for me. In fact, Brenda and I haven’t even been able to afford a BUDGET! Still, the Lord has provided, not sure how, for us and our numerous, wonderful kids that we never could have afforded.

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