Matt Redman: Church, Worship, Fatherhood

Matt Redman is a writer of Christian worship songs. I don’t know much about him, beyond what can be learned from this comment and the related video. The context of the video is an interview, including a discussion of why men have trouble connecting to certain types of worship songs.

But this one quote stands out:  

“The church has been under-fathered and over-mothered.”

Your comments are much appreciated, on either the ‘manosphere’ comment, or the contents of the video itself.


2 comments on “Matt Redman: Church, Worship, Fatherhood

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  2. Jadams07 says:

    As a christian man I find it hard to respond to songs like softly and tenderly. I know that God does have that still and calm voice. But I think we have indeed feminized God. We need to make sure we remember that God is all things (male and female) and he knows when we need a kick in the pants.

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