Is There A Serious Problem In Your Sunday School / Church School?

      The link is a recent one from Vanity Fair, and I picked it up from somewhere in the Manosphere.  There is serious trouble in Fem-Land; so serious that even the feminist-hedonists in the Vanity-Fair-Cosmopolitan circles are unable to avoid talking about it in worried tones.  (I’m not implying that they are sincere when they do so.)

     So if it’s a Fem-Land problem, let the Fem-Libs worry about it, right?

     Not exactly.  They are starting to worry that their “empowerment” message has reached down to high-school and junior-high girls, who are slutting it up big-time.  And the girls in their peer groups are hating on each other, as well.  

     This phenomenon — feral behavior by immature young women — is hitting any group of young girls who have access to social media, or cell phones that text or take pictures.  (Know any young ladies who fit that category?)

     Not saying that there is a solution — there may not be.  But be aware of the problem, men.  Some of these — and their enablers — may be your own relatives.




10 comments on “Is There A Serious Problem In Your Sunday School / Church School?

  1. jadams85 says:

    Being around middle school girls constantly due to my profession, I can verify the problem.

    Parents are allowing their children to be inundated with marketing propaganda through addictive forms of technology, and the result is men and women not just without chests but without minds as well.

    • mustardnine says:

      Can you think of, or imagine, any practical ways to help these young women overcome the negative propaganda and peer pressure that they feel? I haven’t come up with anything yet.

      • I work with teens, including many girls. The key to undoing the indoctrination is grounding them in a true identity and exposing bluntly what the culture is doing them to them. True identity is found in Jesus, and when they understand who he is, and what he has done for them, they begin to act differently. In addition, I explain to them the “feral” (i.e., sex kitten) programming going on in the culture, and we talk about it, demonstrate it. It breaks them from the Matrix, and they can start to be “in” the culture, but not “of” the culture.

        I was amused the article commented blithely that a teen was listening to Selena Gomez and watching cute baby animal vids… Selena Gomez’s songs are laced with Masonic curses for lyrics, and considerable sex kitten programming. My message to teens is: if you want to listen to it fine; but don’t let it program you.

        It’s a struggle, but a good one to have. My family recently cancelled our cable TV service – literally this week – and my 9 year old daughter protested because … wait for it…. she won’t know what to buy.


        You got that right, honey.

      • mustardnine says:

        Thanks for the comment, Doug.

        It DOES indicate a practical, focused way to help overcome the negative propaganda and peer pressure.

        I think you have provided some good advice to men involved in Christian pastoring and teaching.

        Practical counter-culturalism.

    • mustardnine says:

      Thanks for the link, Tom. This rather confirms not only that the problem exists, but that feminists are trying to tackle it — incorrectly and insincerely, in my opinion.

      I notice that they conflate the internet problem (lots of accessible porn) with what amounts to simple telephoning. Are they going to regulate private-to-private transfer of pictures, or private to private threats, or private to private meetups?

      In my opinion, watching videos of semi-unknown porn stars doing things is not the core of the problem. Rather, it is the conscious (and eventually addictive, perhaps) acting out of real sexual behavior among teens — and the very blurry distinction between yielding to “peer pressure” — or blaming it — versus acknowledging that what these kids end up doing is usually a conscious or semi-conscious adult decision (adult as in post-pubertal, not the legally defined under-age-18).

      But these media feminists, who imagine themselves the cultural gate-keepers, have really been the cultural gate-openers and tsunami-creators for the past 40 years.

      I’m convinced that they really “don’t get it.”

      But moving on: are church leaders, such as you and I, capable of addressing this tragedy in any effective way?

      Your further thoughts?

  2. Jadams07 says:

    Its sad and made me think of this verse.

    2 Timothy 3:6

    For among them are those who creep into households and capture weak women, burdened with sins and led astray by various passions,

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