Joel Salatin: Christian Libertarian Farmer

Joel Salatin has a well deserved reputation as an activist for organic farming specifically, and Christian libertarianism specifically.

Well deserved, I say, because he practices what he preaches, and has done so for a long time.

Well deserved, I say, because, although I do not know him personally, a close relative of mine spent a week at his holistically-minded organic farm in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia several years ago, and brought me up-to-speed (more or less) on what committed, intelligent, counter-industrial-farming guys are accomplishing here and there, and what they are up against. (In a word, they are up against a powerful phalanx of corporate warriors determined to control agriculture, focusing on America. They are in the end-game here, and they are already dominant in much of the rest of the food-producing world.)

Joel Salatin recently had an interaction with the US Secretary of Agriculture, and heard him say — well, read it for yourself here.


5 comments on “Joel Salatin: Christian Libertarian Farmer

  1. David says:

    Time to shut down the war machine and GMO machine – maybe we should get less polite on these subjects – less academic as if it all does not matter. Maybe we should get more creative in our activism than polite christian apathy as if being a christian excuses us from all politic, earthly matters, earthly nutrition , or care of earthy things …. Maybe maybe

  2. David says:

    I use the word earthy things carefully rather than the typical “earthly things” from which word we recoil in horror

    • mustardnine says:

      Good distinction. On the subject of being less polite, I am coming to think so. Not to be polite in the presence of lies. Be willing to call “BS” sooner rather than later. Which I did recently at Sycamore Three, regarding the Neo-cons and Saudis, about a week ago.

  3. Peter D. Goodgame says:

    Yeah Joel Salatin is one of my heroes!

  4. […] Joel Salatin: Christian Libertarian Farmer ( […]

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