Dr. Future, Chuck Missler, Others Speak at Next Stage Seminar, Franklin, TN, Sept. 28

I have agreed to speak at the NEXT STAGE Seminar: Preparing to Minister in Troubled Times on Sept. 28, 2013 at Grace Chapel in Franklin, TN (just south of Nashville).  Chuck Missler will also participate via video link, as well as some other very interesting speakers on spiritual warfare and similar matters, including Pastor Jerry McAnulty (the senior pastor of myself, Tom Bionic, Adam Sayne and others at our home church).  It looks like Israel, impending world war, economic collapse and Bible prophecy will be the primary topics.  I will debut some new provocative perspectives that I expect will get a rise out of the audience and other speakers. 

It’s a day-long seminar, with plenty of discussion, and I’d love to see you there.  It is being organized as a maiden voyage by Richard Stephens, a long time supporter and listener to Future Quake, with direct ties to Missler’s Koinonia Institute.

The link to the conference is http://nextstageprep.com/

Love to see you there!


11 comments on “Dr. Future, Chuck Missler, Others Speak at Next Stage Seminar, Franklin, TN, Sept. 28

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  2. Peter D. Goodgame says:

    I wish I was able to attend. Hopefully one day we’ll make it to Nashville.

  3. mustardnine says:

    Doc Future gave an excellent, fact-filled presentation which critically examined the recent Christian stance regarding the “war on terror,” and urged a different, loving, Jesus-centered view of the matter. Despite the fact that he was somewhat “out-of-step” with a couple of other presenters (not all of them), his message seemed to be well-received. At least, no tomatoes were thrown.

  4. drfuture says:

    Thanks for your kind words, Mustard, and all forms of encouragement – I have many other sources that can plant doubts, in contrast. Tom Bionic and I heard from the listener there that had contemplated some severe negative personal actions until they heard us on air discuss the story they had sent us on our show; that is the second such testimony I had heard in just recent days, and it goes to show you never know what the Lord is up to. I was also pleased to see that a number of older people, from the “Greatest Generation”, said they were listeners to our show – I would have thought they would have typically been offended by the points we usually made. Many people told me it gave them a new perspective to consider after the talk.

    One woman from my church, whom I was surprised had attended the talk, told me today at church that her eyes were opened by it. She also said that my non-traditional comments concerning Mordechai and his actions in the book of Esther had stuck with her as having an element of truth, even though other church-goers disagreed when she shared the thought with them. She then said something every curious – she said that in regard to my commentary on Scripture, that my perspective was “inside out”; when I warily asked her to explain further, she said that it was a perspective on the Word that derived meanings and lessons in ways that others had not thought of. She appeared to mean this in a positive way, and I chose to take it as a compliment, but it is a very interesting way to describe the views that our common in our circles, but sometimes mystify us why others do not share them. I think that describes us collectively, and I can certainly thank some cedar and sycamore-lurkers for helping me to think in a “cock-eyed” way.

    On the other hand, another senior religious person whom I respect gave me some indication since then that he might have issue with some of my points in my talk that warrants a further conversation, so the struggle to wrestle for better truth and understanding (within myself, that is) will continue. One thing I do know – better understanding and collective progress in thought will not occur unless we show up, participate, express ourselves and communicate. As Woody Allen reportedly said, “Half of being successful is just showing up”.

    • mustardnine says:

      The rather “philosophical” links at another thread here, ‘Christianity, Philosophy and the Manosphere,’ show some significant links in human consciousness as to why 20th and 21st century Christians think the way they (we) do. I urge a careful reading: I found it very interesting and informative, myself.

  5. Steve Lynch says:

    Dr. Future… An awesome presentation. It hit the buttons of repentance in my heart for the things we’ve allowed our country to do… both by silence and complicity.

    I’ve already sold it to several friends who are eagerly anticipating its published appearance online.


    Steve Lynch

  6. drfuture says:

    Thank you so much for the kind words, brother. A copy of the talk has already been sent to your email account.

    God bless!

  7. […] Dr. Future, Chuck Missler, Others Speak at Next Stage Seminar, Franklin, TN, Sept. 28 […]

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