9/11 Truth

Questioning the Official Narrative about the September 11 attacks remains the “third rail” in American political discussion. On the occasion of the 12th anniversary, the desire to pursue truth remains strong among a few, and the desire to avoid discussion at all costs remains strong among many. Your input is welcome — the more factual and evidential, the better; the more emotional — not so much, although I realize that this is a real paradigm-shifter, and it is understandable that people get upset.


5 comments on “9/11 Truth

  1. mustardnine says:

    This is a post I wrote a couple of years ago. It was my first on the subject.


    Later, I wrote this:


    A few days ago, I wrote this:


    I would appreciate comments and feedback on this. The best way is to reply “under” my reply.

    I would also appreciate YOUR OWN information and comments. For that, just “Leave a reply.”

  2. Ben Carmack says:

    The real reason why 9/11 Truth is a “third rail” is that it is nonsense. No structural engineer can support the hypothesis that the Twin Towers were brought down by explosives. No demolitions expert will say that the collapse of the Towers looks like a controlled demolition. Every claim of the Truth movement has been researched and thoroughly debunked. Google James Randi Educational Foundation for forums on the Truth movement that contain many who were once deceived by Truther claims.

    Also visit the site 9/11myths.com, or Google Mark Roberts’ essay on WTC 7.

    The Controlled Demolition thesis is the claim by which the Truth movement stands or falls, much like the Resurrection of the Body is for Christianity, as St. Paul taught in I Cor. 15. Since that claim has been shown to be completely wrong, it is safe to trust other Truth movement claims no longer.

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