Hello, World! – And welcome to this blog

This blog was begun on September 9, 2013. I’ve started it as a place to take personal and public note of current information, news topics, opinions, points of view, research topics. I am looking for constructive commentary, mostly from people of like mind, which means . . .

– open and free thinking
– an effort to be interesting
– commentary may be serious, humorous, offbeat, eccentric, opinionated, religious, atheistic, sarcastic, cynical, unbalanced, etc.
– permitting and preferring continual give-and-take, rather than shutting commenters down
– comment threads that are worth keeping indefinitely – think months or years

. . . and I strongly prefer . . .

– no extreme white-nationalism, black-nationalism, fill-in-the-blank nationalism
– no excessive Muslim-Jew-Christian-bashing or fill-in-the-blank bashing
– strong and salty language kept within appropriate bounds
– commenters and contributors who self-moderate, rather than requiring intervention
– energy-and-humor over pedantic-and-egotistical

If you’d like to see a thread created on some new time, comment at the “About” page.

That’s enough of the expectations, for now.


One comment on “Hello, World! – And welcome to this blog

  1. drfuture says:

    I don’t believe a word of it!

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